Nine women cleared of charges linked to Raytheon protest

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Nine women have been cleared of breaking into Raytheon’s Derry plant in a bid cause criminal damage.
The women were part of a group who protested at the Raytheon offices in Derry in January of last year.
Seven of the nine women have addresses in Derry. They are Julio Torrojo, Roisin Barton, Goretti Horgan, Elizabeth Doherty, Diana King, Helen Reynolds and Roisin Bryce.
Two others, Sharron Meenan and Jackie McKenna, have addresses in Donegal.
Earlier this week, Judge Tom Burgess directed the jury to acquit another three of the ‘Raytheon 14’, Rory McDermott, John McMonagle and Bernard McFadden .
The jury convicted two defendants of minor offences.
James King of Hatmore Park in Derry, was found guilty of criminal damage and intent to cause criminal damage, while Kieran Gallagher from Dunservick Park, was convicted of impersonating a police officer.


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