New Mayor highlights need to respect Bloody Sunday families

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The new mayor of Derry Cllr Colm Eastwood has called for the families of the Bloody Sunday victims to be given space when the Saville Enquiry’s report is published next week.
Cllr Eastwood made his comments after his election was confirmed in the Guildhall last night.
Referring to next week’s publication of the Saville report, he stressed that whatever about anything else, the 15th is a day for the families. He said they must be given the space and comfort they need to digest the report and to respond in whatever way they see fit.
Cllr Eastwood said he formly believes that Derry will be crowned the UK City of Culture for 2013. He said he and the council will play their part to project to the world an image of a positive, vibrant, outward-looking city.
He finished by describing Derry as a city getting off its knees, and looking to the future with positivity and confidence.


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