Joe McHugh to lose out in Enda Kenny reshuffle?

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The Fine Gael leader has dissolved his frontbench ahead of a confidence motion in him on Thursday.
During a short meeting at Leinster House this morning Enda Kenny spoke about the virtues of loyalty and advised his opponents that he would appoint a new front bench next week.
He also told supporters of his challenger Richard Bruton that a small group of people would not decide who leads the party.
Speaking at Leinster House Kenny supporter Phil Hogan suggested that Deputy Bruton had the knives out for his party leader for some time.
“Well I think it’s obvious over the last 3 or 4 months that these issues were being discussed in private without the knowledge of the leader” he said.
“It’s clear that the performances of some of the members of the frontbench would lead you to believe that they were listening, fully engaged in their responsibility as frontbench members – and Enda has to reflect on that when he’s picking his new frontbench next week after he’s…re-elected as leader on Thursday” he added.


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