Reported sighting of missing sex offender in Donegal

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There are reports that the convicted sex offender William John Paden, who is wanted by UK police, was sighted in West Donegal at the weekend.
Although Gardaí are refusing to comment, it is understood there was what has been described as a “positive sighting” of Paden at Main Street, Dungloe just after 6.30pm on Saturday evening.
Lancashire police have been searching for William John Paden, since he left an agreed address in Blackpool.
The 56 year, who has 19 convictions for sex offences, including some against children, is thought to pose a significant risk of reoffending – he’s banned from associating with children.
Gardaí were also alerted by Lancashire Police amid fears he may travel across the border.
A local businessman in Dungloe says he saw a man acting strangely in a dark grey coloured estate car opposite his premises in the town. When he arrived home, the businessman saw a photograph of Paden on a TV news report and immediately identified him as the same person he’d seen a short time earlier. He returned to the local Garda station and made a report.
The Garda Press Office declined to confirm that a member of the public had reported to them that Paden had been seen in West Donegal, and would not comment on whether Gardaí would be investigating further.


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