Council to seek government support for ‘whole system of work’

Donegal County Council is set to write to Junior Minister Dara Colleary, to clarify whether or not negotiations can take place locally on the implementation of changed work practices.
Minister Colleary has special responsibility for the implementation of the Croke Park Agreement.
During a sometimes heated meeting this morning, County Manager Michael Mc Loone outlined how he wants to have the “Whole System of Work” implemented for six months on a trial basis, and he has sought discussions with unions locally on how to achieve that in the context of the Croke Park Agreement.
However, IMPACT has circulated a letter to its members saying it believes agrement should be reached nationally, and while the outcome of national discussions is ongoing, there should be no discussions locally.
Mayor Brendan Byrne says it’s a very important issue:

Menwhile, County Manager Michael Mc Loone has said his belief is that the decentralised Public Services Centre model which has worked in Donegal for over 10 years should be implemented nationally, and he will be urging Minister Colleary to implement it.
Challenged by Labour Councillor Martin Farren to guarantee the future of the centres and specifically the Carndonagh centre, he said he wants the centres to be his legacy to Donegal.
He said he wants not only to preserve them, but to strengthen them.


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