Illegal waste to be transferred from NI to Donegal landfill

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Work to bring 250,000 tonnes of illegally dumped waste back into the republic from Northern Ireland begins today, with the first consignments being brought from a illegal dump at Slattinagh in Fermanagh to the Ballinacarrick landfill in Donegal. That process should take up to a month, with the focus then turning to an illegal site at Trillick in Tyrone.
The clearance of the first two dumps will cost the state €2 million, with the final price tag to clear a total of 20 dumps expected to be in the region of €36 million.
Donegal Electoral Area Chair Cllr Thomas Pringle says they’ve been assured that there are no capacity issues at Ballintra, and no cost will be incurred by the council as a result. He says the council may actually benefit as a result of the arrangement.
Cllr Pringle says Ballintra has been operating under capacity for some time, so this won’t have a major impact…….


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