Efforts continue to get Keith Prowse facility back into operation

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The Mayor of Buncrana is to convene a meeting of local political representititves and development agencies in a bid to have the Keith Prowse premises in Buncrana taken over as a going concern.
Cllr Padraig Mac Lochlainn had seperate discussions with the company and IDA Ireland today, and says they are now meeting to discuss options for the plant.
he says as well as a well trained and skilled workforce, the plant is equipped with modern, state of the art call centre facilities, and could be very easily adapted for use by another company.
Cllr Mac Lochlainn says if the will is there, he believes the facility could reopen very quickly……
Meanwhile, Senator Cecilia Keavney has renewed her call for a major conference in Donegal aimed at identifying and fostering employment and business opportunities within the county.
She says a model similar to that used at last years’ national conference in Farmleigh could be used, with Donegal people who have been successful elsewhere invited back to see how their expertise and experience can be harnessed.
She says there is a lot of potential in Donegal, but help is needed to get it tapped……..


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