Man jailed for a month for crossing bomb cordon

A 24-year-old Derry man who tried to force his way through a police cordon set up after the 200 lbs bomb at the Strand Road police station last month was today (Friday) jailed for a month.
Derry Magistrate’s Court was told that on August 3 after the bomb attack a police cordon had been set up in Clarendon Street close to the police station when Ruarai Saunders of Moss Park approached and walked through it.
Saunders was told the area was closed  but persisted n trying to go through the coron.
He began shouting at police and told them he was going home and ‘going that way.’
He was warned about his behaviour and began using abusive language to the police and eventually he was arrested. he then called police ‘black b——s.’
A defence solicitor Mr. Seamus Quigley told the court that undoubtedly drink played a part in the offence.
The District Judge Mr. Barney McElholm said he ware of a case some years ack where a man had insisted on breaking a police cordon and ended up losing h leg.
He said the police were quite entitled to seal off areas after an incident.
Saunders was jailed for one month.


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