Dr McDaid is “mini-mouse” in Dublin and “might-mouse” in Donegal – Cllr Harte

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Letterkenny Labour candidate Jimmy Harte has called on Fianna Fail Deputy Dr Jim McDaid to stop talking “out of both sides of his mouth”.
Dr McDaid, who  has called for a general election in October, voted  against a Fianna Gael  motions seeking to move the writs  for three by-elections, including Donegal South-West.
Cllr Jimmy Harte has called on Deputy McDaid to stop saying one thing in Donegal and going against his word in Dublin:

Explaining his comments, Deputy Jim McDaid, said there is no sense in having by-elections that will inevitably result in a general election.
He said the by-elections would be a waste of time, and the Government should just call a general election:


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