Judge refuses compensation in case of head shop robbery

A judge refused to award compensation to a Donegal Town head shop that was robbed of nearly €5,000 of legal highs.
But Judge Kevin Kilrane adjourned the case of two men who stole the highs that mimic the effect of hash, cocaine and ecstasy so their behaviour could be monitored over the next six months.
Judge Kilrane added at Donegal District Court that he had definite views on the shops but he would will keep them private.
However, compensation to the head-shop owner was not appropriate.
The court heart that last February 14 Conor Goodway, 23, and Matthew Tysall, 25,  threw a bottle and broke a window in the Yutopia shop in Donegal town centre and a few minutes later they returned at 4.50 a.m. and broke into it and stole between €4,000 and €5,000 of legal highs.
Gardai searched both defendants’ homes and €2,500 of legal highs were surrendered in Tysall’s house.
The court heard that Goodway, a father of three of Ratheeny West, Laghey, was now studying in Derry and had an intention to join the Army. He had broken up with his girlfriend, was “very distressed” and was on medication and was drinking alcohol.
Judge Kilrane was told Tysall, of Doonan, Donegal town, an out-of-work carpenter whose girlfriend recently had a baby, admitted that he had a “habit” of buying legal highs from the shop.
His solicitor Ian McKenna said he couldn’t offer any explanation as to what happened. He could only put it down to the fact that Tysall was addicted to the legal highs.
Judge Kilrane said both men, who pleaded guilty to theft, would “have to prove their worth” while they were being monitored during the next six months.