Derry man jailed for his role in Emmett Shields murder

Derry man has been jailed for eight years for the manslaughter of pizza delivery man Emmett Shields who was shot dead in June 2008.

Gary Meenan, 20, from Bishop Street, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter after a murder trial had started.
Meenan’s 20-year-old girlfriend, Nadine Kelly, of 22, Celandine Court was given a one year jail term suspended for two years after she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice by giving Meenan a false alibi.
As he passed sentence Mr Justice Hart said while it was accepted that Meenan had not fired the fatal shot, he was “a willing participant” in the events.
Emmett Shields was delivering pizzas when he was caught up in a confrontation with masked gunmen, including Meenan, and was shot twice.

Speaking outside the court on Tuesday Mr Shiels’ adoptive brother Kevin Moore said the family were “satisfied” at the day’s outcome but the quest for justice will continue.

In sentencing Kelly, Mr Justice Hart said although providing a false alibi “requires appropriate sentencing,” he did not think it right to send her to jail as she was a mother and had a clear record.

Speaking after the sentence was passed the officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harrison, said:”Police hope that the sentences imposed today on the two defendants will provide some degree of closure for Emmett’s family and friends.
“The sentences show that the police investigation, thanks to widespread community support, has been able in part to deliver justice for Emmett’s family and friends.
“But the investigation is not over.I want to ask those individuals who have information about what happened that night in the Creggan and who, for whatever reason, have not come forward to examine their consciences today.
“My officers are ready and willing to talk to you. I would ask you to do the right thing, tell us what you did or what you know, and ease the pain and suffering so cruelly imposed on Emmett’s family.
“Please help us bring as much closure as possible. Do the right thing. Talk to police.”

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