Letterkenny General Hospital one of the shortest waits for an appointment in country

Patient waiting times for an appointment at Letterkenny General Hospital are one of the shortest in the country.
A new league table listing waiting times to see a specialist at Irelands hospitals showed Letterkenny General to be one of the best performers.
The new league table measures the best and worst performers based on monthly information supplied to the HSE in various key areas including waiting times, use of resources and absenteeism.
The best performing hospitals were Letterkenny General Hospital, St James’s and St Vincents’s in Dublin and Cavan General Hosptal.
A patient needing to see a general surgeon will be seen within three months in one of the best performing hospitals.
Similarly, a patient needing a routine MRI scan would have to wait up to 2 and half months in the best performing hospitals.
Patient waiting times for a colonoscopy where much shorther in Letterkenny and Cavan than anywhere else in the country.
Meanwhile, hospitals where a high percentage of consultants are adhering to their quota for treating private patients included Letterkenny.


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