Derry man walks into police station with knife twice this week Court hears

Derry Magistrates Court has been told how, on two occasions this week, a 45-year-old Derry man walked into a police station with a knife.
William O’Kane of no fixed abode was charged with possessing a knife on Wednesday, and possessing a knife and making threats to kill on Thursday.
On December 15th,  O’Kane walked into the Waterside police station and handed an officer a knife, telling him he needed help as he was going to hurt someone.
Police took him to hospital and he was later discharged.
Ther fiollowing day, 16 O’Kane walked into Strand Road polie station and handed an officer a knife and told polie that if they let him go he was going to kill a man who he named.
He claimed this man had shown his fiancee a text message O’Kane had sent to another female and his relationship had ended as a result.
Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley told the court that it was a ‘moment of madness’. He said his client was ‘deeply embarrassed’ about the incidents. He said O’Kane never intended to hurt the other man and was just ‘venting his anger.’
District Judge Mr. Barney MElholm sentenced O’Kane to three months in prison suspended for a period of 18 months and warned him to ‘stay well away’ from the other man.


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