Evidence finishes in trial of man charged with garda’s manslaughter

The man driving the car which struck a Garda, leading to his death, has claimed that he was only trying to get away.
Jamie McGrenaghan, who is charged with the manslaughter of Garda Robbie McCallion, said he spotted a gap when Gardai tried to block his escape route and “went for it.”
19-year-old McGrenaghan, struck 29-year-old Garda McCallion,in the early hours of March 26th, 2009, after himself and another man had stolen a car at Tara Court in Letterkenny, Co Donegal.
Letterkenny Circuit Court heard how McGrenaghan and friend Cathal Dunleavy who had been drinking beforehand, went to see a car which was for sale at Tara Court but while there spotted another car, a white Toyota Corolla, which Dunleavy decided to steal.
The men returned later at 4am in McGrenaghan’s Peugeot car and took the Totota Corolla car.
However as they tried to leave the housing estate, they were met by three Gardai.
The Gardai noticed the door of the Corolla car was damaged and went to block the road.
McGrenaghan, who was behind the Corolla in his own car, immediately reversed back up the road and began revving is engine.
He then drove at the patrol car but veered to the left hitting the patrol car, the Corrola and sent Garda McCallion through the air and into a nearby garden.
He tried to run away but was caught by Garda Shane Lavelle.
Judge John O’Hagan said he will sum up the case today, and will ask the jury to give their decision in the case.