NowDoc service in Donegal wins award

The NowDoc service in Donegal has secured a Quality Assurance award from the Royal College of General Practitioners in Northern Ireland.
The award praises the additional care taken to ensure that patients with access issues, sensory problems and disabilities are well cared for.
It also says the GPs on call were very professional, engaged well with patients and were dedicated to the services which NoWDOC offers.
The HSE says NoWDOC became aware of the RCGP Quality Programme to accredit Out-of-Hours Service Providers in Northern Ireland through its involvement in cross-border services in Donegal.
The accreditation system was then adapted for use in the Republic, taking a total of two years in preparation and assessment.
Dr Diarmuid Hegarty, the Medical Director with NoWDOC says the accreditation team conducted a detailed site visit of NoWDOC and interviewed management, GPs, reception and clerical staff. They also inspected the NoWDOC vehicles and interviewed the drivers.
Service Manager Angela Tysall says tangible quality improvements have been achieved as a result of the project.
The official presentation of the award will take place in March.


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