Donegal NE Independents hit out at lack of national coverage

Four of the five independent candidates in the Donegal North East constituency have issued a joint statement criticising what they say is the the attitude of the national media towards independents and
smaller parties.
Following what they are terming snubs from both Newstalk and RTE,  Independents Ryan Stewart, Betty Holmes, Dessie Shiels and Cllr Ian McGarvey have all hit out at the way they have been treated by the national media.
In a joint statement, the four independents say that debates have focussed on candidates from mainstream parties, while listeners had been informed that the other candidates were ‘unable to attend.’
They say that’s not the case, and in one instance, they only learned about an RTE debate when Ryan Stewart heard it on the radio. He rang the other three, and it transpired none of them had been contacted.
The four say that in each of these debates, MacDara Blaney has been included as he is supposedly ‘representative’ of the Independent candidates.
However, Dara Blaney says he never purported to represent anyone. He also says he shares their frustration, and has not been treated fairly himself…………

Cllr Ian Mc Garvey, who is now contesting his third General Election as an independent says there is no point talking about national democracy. He says it’s no wonder that gerrymandering has existed in this country for so long, when the state broadcaster apparently supports it…………..


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