Donegal women waiting longer to give birth – CSO

The average age of new mothers in Donegal is rising, according to new figures from the CSO today.
The 2008 Vital Statistics published today shows that for the first time, the number of births to women in their early thirties exceeded those to women in their early twenties.
Meanwhile, 2008 saw twice as many births as deaths.
There were 1,088 deaths in Donegal in 2008, with 735 people over the age of 75 years of age passing away.
314 people died from cancer, while 375 people died from heart disease.
There were 20 recorded suicides in the county, while 22 people died from accidents.
In Donegal there were 2,214 births in 2008; 1,141 baby boys and 1,073 baby girls.
There were 74 births recorded in Buncrana, 38 in Bundoran, 318 in Letterkenny and 866 in the rest of Donegal.
The CSO noted an “important shift” in the age structure of fertility after 1993 in Donegal.
Prior to that date, the highest fertility rate was for women aged 25 to 29. But in 2008, the highest fertility rate for women was aged between 30-34.
Mothers aged between 30-34 gave birth to 725 children in the county, while women aged between 25-29 gave birth to 562 children.