Senior Garda describes speeding motorcyclist as a ‘lunatic’

A senior garda has described a motorcyclist filmed riding at speeds of up to 290 kilometres per hour through Barnesmore Gap as a lunatic.
Traffic gardai, stunned by hte motorcyclist travelling 28 kilometres in nine minutes, are stepping up weekend speed watches in Donegal.
Gardai say their plans coincide but are not directly linked to discovery of video footage of the biker on the nine-minute reckless ride between Donegal town and Ballybofey at an average speed of 186 kilometres per hour.
The biker even claimed on a YouTube video, transferred to Facebook, that he reached speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, or almost 290 kilometres per hour, on the N15 through Barnes Gap.
Although the video is believed to have been on YouTube since last October it only came to Garda attention over the weekend when they were informed it was now on Facebook.
The head of the South Donegal traffic corps boss Sgt Iggy Larkin said the biker was an absolute lunatic on the road.
He had no concern for his own life as well as the lives of other road-users.
Sgt Larkin said that before he viewed the video gardai were already planning to step up the watch for speeding motorists and bikers on Sunday outings in good weather.
The shocking video can be viewed below: