Madden and Finucane “strenuously deny” FSA claims about Francois de Deitrich

Solicitors acting on behalf of businessman Francois De Dietrich have issued a statement in response to financial allegations raised recently in the press and media.
The Financial Services Authority in the North has obtained a High Court order freezing over £20 million in assests in the name of Mr De Deitrich and his company ETIC Solutions. The FSA say they are believed to be behind an illegal investment scheme.
In January the High Court in Northern Ireland committed Mr De Deitrich to an 18 month prison sentence for failing to comply with a court order obtained by the FSA.
However, his solicitors, Madden and Finucane, say they stand firm in strenuously denying the claims of the FSA.
In the statement issued this afternoon, Madden and Finucane say they are actively pursuing their defence to the allegations, and the negative implications these have had on a number of levels.
The statement suggests there may be a racial motive behind this entire investigation, which has resulted in harassment, defamation of character, libel, slander, innuendo not to mention serious financial hardship for so many. Far from hiding and refusing to deal with the issues, as portrayed in sections of the media, they say they are actively conducting their own intensive investigations.
They say they will continue to fight back vigorously against the sanctions imposed by the FSA, and are commencing proceedings against certain journalists, media outlets and others who have inaccurately reported aspects of this case.
The statement concludes that they are not in fact being elusive and uncooperative, and attempts by ETIC Solutions to meet with and make additional funds available to the FSA have been rejected.


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