Anger in Derry as security alert continues in Bishop Street

A security alert is continuing in the Bishops Street area of Derry after a suspicious vehicle was left in a car park close to the courthouse.
Residents have been evacuated from nearby sheltered housing, and a controlled explosion was carried out  last night.
It had been hoped that traffic restrictions would be eased in the Diamond and Bishops Street area within the next hour, but it’s feared diversions will remain in place for the next few hours.
Shortly after half past six last night, a telephone call was received warning of a bomb in a car in the car park opposite the courthouse.
At around 7 o’clock, dozens of elderly residents were moved from the Alexander House Sheltered Housing Development, just yards away from the courthouse.
Bomb disposal experts examined the car, and a controlled explosion was been carried out at around 9 o’clock.
Court hearings which were to have taken place this morning have been moved to other courts across the region. Jurors scheduled to attend the court today should attend tomorrow instead.
The incident has been roundly condemned, with SDLP Assembly member Pat Ramsey saying the residents were “distressed, angry and frustrated”………….


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