Meath man pleads guilty to raping Donegal woman

A County Meath man who raped a Donegal woman in her home after meeting her for the first time the previous day has been remanded in custody pending sentence.
42-year-old Sean Finn of Colehill, Kinnegad, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape on May 15, 2010.
Mr Justice Paul Carney adjourned the case for sentence next week.
Finn met the then 26-year-old woman the previous night after he joined a group she was in who were drinking in a hotel in Donegal.
He stayed with the group when they had breakfast the following morning and went back to the woman’s house when she and her companion got a taxi there.
Finn later got a taxi with the woman and her friend who were going on to another pub but he got dropped off at hospital to attend for an appointment.
He then turned up at the pub the woman and her companion were in and arrived back at her house later that afternoon.
Detective Sergeant Michael Carroll told Ms Mary Ellen Ring SC, prosecuting, that the woman ordered food to be delivered to her house that afternoon and thought a knock to the door was the delivery man. She saw it was Finn and refused to answer the door.
When the food arrived a short time later Finn was still there and invited himself into her home. He had bought food himself and the two ate together before he leaned in to kiss the woman.
She pushed him away but he kissed her again, more aggressively and she bit his tongue causing him to bleed.
Det Sgt Carroll said Finn was on top of the woman on the couch but she managed to slide out from under him onto the floor.
He grabbed for her and pulled her bottoms down and she banged her head off the wall in the resulting struggle.
Det Sgt Carroll said the woman then grabbed a nearby photo frame and hit Finn with it twice on the head, again causing him to bleed.
After Finn raped the woman, he left the house leaving his bloodied shirt behind.
The woman called gardai who then contacted the hotel the group had been in the night previously. They viewed CCTV footage and arrested Finn at his ex-wife’s home later that day.
Det Sgt Carroll said the woman was examined and found to have bruising to both her elbows and knee caps which was consistent with the struggle as she had described it.
Finn later showed gardai where he had discarded the clothes he had been wearing and made full admissions to them in the subsequent interview.
Det Sgt Carroll said he had no previous convictions.
Ms Ring read the woman’s victim impact report into court in which she described being “very disturbed” by the event.


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