Thousands turnout for Omagh peace walk

Thousands of people have gathered in Omagh to mark the death of Northern Ireland police officer Ronan Kerr.
The organisers have said they want to send a message to those who want to return NI to a violent past.
Catholic constable, 25 year-old Ronan Kerr, died when a booby-trap car bomb exploded outside his home in Omagh last Saturday.
Organiser of todays peace rally in the town Gareth McElduff used Facebook to gain support for the rally.
He said that todays huge turnout showed everyones support for the Kerr family, and the overall support for the peace process.
He said that he hoped today showed that the vast majority want peace in Ireland and dont want to go back to the troubles.
Recent bombings and attempted attacks have been widely condemned in Northern Ireland.
Meanwhile friends of the Kerr family are among those taking part in the peace walk.
One of them Brendan McMackin says he hopes Ronan’s death will be the last:

Todays rally got underway at 4 o clock.
These people told us why they were taking part in the peace walk: