Calls for Garda investigation in to Greencastle Harbour claims

There are calls for a garda investigation to be launched to determine who is behind claims that three yachts were refused access to Greencastle Harbour in stormy conditions earlier this month.
The claims suggest that yachts, from France, Sweden and Buncrana were stopped from entering Greencastle harbour on May 7th after high winds forced them to seek shelter.
It is claimed they left after suffering verbal abuse from protesters.
In a statement the Foyle Oyster Sub Committee says that there is no evidence that any altercation took place on the day in question.
The group wants those who gave the story to the local press and media to  name those responsible for the alleged verbal abuse of visiting yachts.
The also want the the names of yachts that were refused shelter released.
The suggest the story could have been verified with the Harbour Master as the incident, they believe, would most definitely be reported to him.
The statement conculdes that all yachts are welcome in the harbour but not at the expense of the inshore fishing community.
The Foyle Oyster Sub Committees says there has been only one side of the story published.