Derry man jailed for 8 months for bomb hoaxes

A 46-year-old Derry man has been jailed for causing two bomb hoaxes in the city.
William O’Connor of Slaughtmanus Road admitted causing the hoaxes on May 10.
The court was told that O’Connor phoned two claims that there were bombs in the bus depot in Foyle Street and one in Spencer Road Medical Centre.
Considerable disruption was caused.
A defense barrister said his client was drunk at the time.
District judge Barney McElholm said that these alerts had caused major disruption to the life of the city.
He added that the pre sentence report was one of the most pessimistic he had ever read and said O’Connor was a danger to the public.
He sentenced O’Connor to 4 months in prison and imposed a 4 month suspended sentence consecutively making a total of 8 months.


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