Inquest told St Johnston man took up to 12 Ecstasy prior to death

An inquest has heard how a father of four died after taking up to a dozen ecstasy tablets at a New Year’s Day party.
30 year-old David Orr took the tablets at a party in Letterkenny on January 1st, 2008.
Mr Orr of Trentamucklagh, St Johnston, was also drinking vodka on the night of the party.
Witness Peter McGinley, a brother-in-law of the dead man told the inquest that he saw David Orr taking 10 or 11 ecstasy tablets on the night.
After about an hour he was rolling around the floor.
Mr McGinley said he didn’t pay much attention to that because ‘that’s the way he always went when he took ecstasy’  he said they left him on the sofa then and he seemed to be okay.
A few hours later other party-goers noticed Orr was not moving and his lips had turned blue.
They rushed him to the local NowDoc service where he was pronounced dead at 8.08am.
Pathologist Dr. Catriona Dillon said the autopsy report showed that Mr Orr had up to five times the level of Ecstasy in his body than the toxic level.
She added that death was due to this and cardiac complications which arose as a result.
The jury agreed with the direction of John Cannon that Mr Orr died as a result of ‘due to ecstasy toxicity”.
Coroner John Cannon expressed his sympathy but said there were lessons to be learned from the tragedy.