Hundreds turn out for riverbank vigil for missing David Colhoun

Hundreds of people attended a vigil last night for the Lifford man David Colhoun, who has been missing for more than two months.
The 22-year-old has not been seen since he escaped from police custody in Strabane on 22 May.
Hundreds of friends and neighbours attended the vigil along the Lifford and Strabane river bank just after 8 o clock last night.
Fr Edward Kilpatrick, who led the vigil, said that everyone is very much concerned for the recovery of David.
He said everyday people in Lifford were asking, ‘Any news today?’
And he said the searches would continue until the missing man is found.
Meanwhile, David Colhouns father, Joseph thanked everyone involved in the search for their tremendous support, and he said he could never thank them enough.
He asked people for their continued support and he said he was as determined as ever to keep looking for his son.


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