Minor ‘localised’ incidents as Apprentice Boys march in Derry

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A post office van’s been hijacked and set on fire in the Shantallow area of Derry. This morning’s attack on Madamsbank Road came as thousands of Apprentice Boys prepared for a parade in the city.
Four masked men threw petrol bombs into the van and ran off. The blaze was put out by firefighters.
Lastc night, several dozen petrol bombs were thrown towards the Apprentice Boys’ Memorial Hall last  night.
Chief Superintendent Stephen Matrin said the disturbance was “localised” and nobody was injured.
The attacks come ahead of the Apprentice Boys’ relief of Derry celebrations today, with events under way in the city since this morning. The main demonstration, featuring 140 bands and 15,000 apprentice boys is getting underway in the city around now.
A number of protests are taking place, including a two day camp highlighting the case of Brendan Lillis and other republican prisoners.
Already, feeder parades in Belfast and elsewhere have passed off without incident.


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