VEC says Finn Valley College will open, but questions remain

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A member of Donegal VEC says there’s no question of the new Finn Valley College not opening in time for the new academic year, but that’s been questioned by a representitive the National Electrical Contractors of Ireland.
There have been concerns that a dispute between the main contractor and a sub contractor may compromise plans to open the new school in two weeks time, as electrical work may not be certified.
Cllr Patrick Mc Gowan, a member of Donegal VEC, says he’s been assured that a new electrical sub contractor is already in place, and all outstanding work will be completed in time………

However, NECI spokesperson Dennis Judge says having spoken to people involved, he does not believe that a Change of Contractor document has been signed, and worked cannot be certified until that happens.
He says the best way to ensure the school opens on time is for all sides to meet and resolve their difficulties………………..


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