PCC Principal says there is no asbestos risk at school

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The Principal of PCC Falcarragh has moved to reassure students, parents and staff that there is no new issue surrounding asbestos at the school, and no danger to public health.
Patrick McVicar has released a statement in response to reports that emergency funding had been granted to allow for the removal of asbestos from the school.
He says that as part of its general Health and Safety upgrade programme, PVC floor tiles in the entrance corridor and equipment store at the school sportshall are being replaced.
In 2007 it was discovered that the adhesive used to hold the tiles in place contained asbestos and that it posed no immediete threat to the occupants of the building.
The statement concludes that the school deplores the sensational and misleading article in an on-line newspaper which could understandably alarm pareants students and staff.


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