Mixed listener reaction to Council’s Finn Harps bailout

The public is divided on the County Council’s decision to grant Finn Harps FC 20,000 euro towards its debt.
The clubs chairman has said that without the council’s help the club would have been unlikely to raise the 48K required to secure a license to play in the league next year.
It is understood the club has more than half  of the remaining 28K raised and are optimistic of raising the balance before the December 21st deadline.
Many people who contacted the ‘Shaun Doherty Show’ oppose the council’s move.
Other listeners have been commenting on the Highland Radio News Facebook page.
Emma says ‘ Its a joke they have no money 2 rent out houses r fix pot holes but they have 20k 2 give away’
Daithi chipped in ‘given that Harps have paid around a million in wages over the past five years, mainly to Donegal people, and that this secures the multi million euro stadium investment, being built by a Donegal firm, it’s a no brainer. Then again there are a lot of people down on Finn Harps and they will use this as another stick to beat them ‘
While Mary opined ‘what about the money collected in the 70s for the swimming pool in the TWIN TOWNS could it not be used for Harps as a family member who gave to the pool fund i would like to know why not. Harps should have the 20k yes.’
Daire added ‘ if it doesnt work then why put more money into it…same as the banks’
While Gordan says: I’m curious as to exactly how many businesses benefit from a crowd of around 150 to 200 people showing up in Ballybofey on a friday or a sturday evening at 7pm every two weeks. Nobody wants to see the demise of Finn Harps FC, but lets face it, they have been loosing money for years and any other business would be forced to close… They have VERY little or no support at local or county level(weekly attendance levels prove this)
Jim adds: ‘be an awful shame if the Harps wound up…M’on da Harps!…if half of the people who moaned and bitched about the League of Ireland and quality there of…bothered their lazy holes and went to an odd match maybe, just maybe small clubs like the Harps would have a better chance in these testing times’
While Liam says: ‘ am slightly surprised but delighted that the councillors backed this motion and I am sure they must have known the kind of reaction they would get. The remit of the council is wider than just potholes and stuff. From the arguments I’ve heard those opposing this would no doubt also oppose money going from council to the arts for instance – but there is a bigger picture and Finn Harps are established as an integral part of that for years now. Fair play to the councillors I say.’
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