Jury finds two Donegal women died of carbon monoxide poisining

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The jury in the inquest into the deaths of two elderly Donegal women has returned a verdict of death by misadventure.
It found that 84-year-old Annie Gallagher and 79-year-old Sarah McDyer died from asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning produced by a domestic cooker at Ms Gallagher’s home in Glenties, on September 24th, 2009.
The two day inquest heard that there are still over 1,300 gas cookers in the country that are deemed potentially dangerous.
A list of those appliances is available at NCA. ie and includes some Beko, Flavel, Leisure and New World models.
Annie Gallagher’s cooker was a Flavel Beko model.
In delivering its verdict the jury recommended that the Commission for Energy Regulation should have greater legislative power to investigate accidents involving LPG appliances.
It also recommended that the National Consumer Agency should have a greater role in suggesting a measured response to product recalls and should be able to audit product recalls and impose penalties if they are not satisfactory.


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