Killygordon man charged with rape in Derry Magistrates Court

A police officer told Derry Magistrate’s Court that they believed a 39-year-old man charged with rape was ‘a predatory attacker’ who posed a risk to females in general.
Kieran Brian Coyle of 65, Forest Park, Killyygordon in County Donegal was charged with rape and sexual assault that were said to have occurred on December 15.
The court heard that on that date a young woman went to Strand Road PSNI station where she reported she had been raped in a taxi.
She told police she had been out for a night and was in her own words drunk and had flagged the taxi down in Shipquay Street.
CCTV was examined and the defendant’s car was identified and Coyle also fitted the description given by the alleged injured party. She said the taxi had stopped in the Galliagh area of Derry and the taxi man had got In beside her and proceeded to touch her then rape her.
She alleged she then left the taxi and the man followed her and indecently assaulted her.
She added that although she knew she shouldn’t have but as she had no coat, money or phone she got back into the taxi and asked to be taken to a friend’s house.
Coyle denied her version of events and said that he never touched her. Police opposed bail on the grounds they were fearful he could re-offend.
An officer said there had been two set of allegations made against Coyle in the past but not proceeded with.
She added that they were fearful he would interfere with witnesses as he had a previous conviction for intimidating a witness.
Defence solicitor Mr. Ciaran McGuinness asked the officer were there inconsistencies in the girl’s story and she admitted that the alleged victim said she could not remember everything.
District Judge Barney McElholm said that they were serious allegations and remanded Coyle in custody to appear again on January 12.