Kilmacrennan man sets lamb shearing record in New Zealand

A County Donegal man has set a new lamb shearing world record.
Ivan Scott from Kilmacrennan shore 744 lambs in eight hours in New Zealand on Monday, beating the previous world record by just two sheep.
Brought up on a farm Ivan had a little sheep shearing experience, but that all changed when he travelled to the other side of the world.
Now based near Taupo on New Zealand’s north island, Ivan broke the record in front of 100 supporters.
To beat the previous record, he had to shear on average 185.5 lambs every two hours.
In the first two-hours Ivan shore 187 lambs, then tallied 189, 187 and 182 over the following sessions.
And the tally could have been even higher as five lambs were rejected by the adjudicator for cuts over the course of the day.
Next up on the shearing front for Ivan is the Golden Shears World Championship which will be held in New Zealand later this year.


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