Donegal may become single constituency and lose one TD

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Donegal’s two electoral constituencies may be merged into one and the number of TDs here reduced from six to five.
Fine Gael wants to reduce the number of TDsin the country to 158.
The coalition party has written to the body in charge of revising the constituency boundaries and reducing the number of TDs, proposing its amendments.
Under the changes being proposed by Fine Gael, the number of TDs would reduce to 158; Dublin would lose three seats; Cork would lose one seat; Kerry would lose one seat and become a five-seat constituency; and Donegal would lose one seat and become a five-seat constituency.
Labour is expected to support the proposals which have come about as a result of population changes.
The written proposals are being examined by the Constituency Commission.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny wants to reduce the cost of Government.


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