52-year-old Derry taxi-driver appears in court on terrorism charges

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A Derry man has appeared in court charged with collecting and making digital or video recordings of police officers.
52-year-old Gerard Francis O’Donnell, a taxi driver from Strangford Park denied the charges, which came about following a police search of a house in Derry on June 20.
The court was told that photos of police officers were found on computer hard drives and other media devices during the search.
The charges related to the collecting or making digital or video recordings of police officers contrary to the Terrorism Act 2000.
A detective constable told the court that O’Donnell had admitted posting photos and images of police officers on the 32 County Sovereignty Movement’s website.
District Judge barney McElholm released O’Donnell on his own bail of £1,000 to appear in court again on 25 February.
Part of his bail conditions ban O’Donnell from using recording devices outside his home, except when at recognised sporting events and he was also ordered not to attend any illegal public meetings and to report to the police twice each week.


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