Donegal has lowest level of disposable income in the state

The latest figures from the CSO highlights the decline in people’s disposable income in Donegal as the recession started to kick in.
The figures released today cover the period from 2000 to 2009 and show that while disposable income in 2009 was 7,000 euro more than 2000 – it had peaked in 2008.
Donegal has the lowest level of disposable income in the state.
The figures run for 9 years until 2009 with the expectation that disposable income in Donegal would be much less now.
However they do show the start of the recession began to pressure on people’s pockets.
In 2000, the average disposable income was 10,804 – this rose steadily until 2008 when it peaked at 18,650.  – by the next year it had fallen by a thousand.
The 2009 figure is 17,708 euro – that is the lowest level of disposable income in the country and 6,500 behind the table leader Dublin.
Experts suggest that as the recession deepened peoples disposable income will have shrunk even further with more rural areas the worst effected.


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