Mixed reaction to cut in septic tank registration fee

There’s been mixed reaction to the Environment Minister’s announcement last night that new septic tank charges are to be cut.
Phil Hogan has revealed that the registration fee for septic tanks will be reduced to 5-euro, for the first 3 months, down from the proposed 50-euro.
The move is an attempt to reward those who register early, from this June.
The deadline for registration is March 2013.
Opposition parties have accused the Minister of missing the point – saying the inspection fee isn’t the biggest worry for rural dwellers, but the inspection process itself and the possible high cost of repairs.
But Irish Farmer’s Association President, John Bryan, has broadly welcomed the announcement…………

Sinn Fein’s two TDs in Donegal are calling on the government to ensure that there are funds available for homeowners who must repair or replace tanks, with fears that problems may be detected in a significant number of tanks in the county.
However, Minister Phil Hogan says he doesn’t expect there’ll be a widespread problem of tanks failing inspections.
He says if the cost of cleaning up a tank is too steep, he could look at some kind of assistance for householders……………