NRA refusal to engage with Town Councils is hurting Letterkenny – Cllr Larkin

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A Letterkenny Councillor says the refusal of the National Roads Authority to engage with town councils is hurting Letterkenny badly.
Cllr Dessie Larkin says having invested considerably in traffic studies, all of which point to the need for a second relief road and Swilly crossing, the council has had to look on from the outside as over €6 million was allocated to stretches of the N56 in the South West of the county, while the Bonagee relief road got nothing.
He says he doesn’t begrudge the money to the South West, but it suggests Letterkenny is not being represented politically.
Cllr Larkin says to add insult to injury, the NRA then criticised the town council for allowing too much development on the national road.
The problem is, he says, it commented on the wrong road………


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