Woman jailed for glass attack that left permanent scars

A young Derry woman today recalled her ‘horrible experience’ when she was glassed in the face as her attacker was jailed.
Gemma Doyle (22) of 32, Malin Gardens in Derry admitted the assault which occurred on June 18 last year. The court heard that Doyle had an argument with her cousin over a handbag.
The argument developed  into a fight and the victim, Aine King, stepped in to act as peacemaker.
Doyle had a glass in her hand and hit Aine King in the face leaving her with wounds requiring 10 external stitches and between 16 to 20 internal ones.
Later Doyle phoned her cousin and referring to Aine King ‘she can take her oil it was meant for you she should not have got in the way. ‘
Judge Piers Grant said this was a sign that Doyle had no remorse.
The judge said that the victim impact report revealed that the attack had a ‘traumatic’ effect on Aine King and at her own graduation she had been reluctant to appear in public.
Judge Grant said that glassing cases merited a custodial sentence. He sentenced Doyle to two and a half years in prison.
Speaking after the sentence was passed Aine King said the whole experience had left her with no confidence.
She said that she was afraid to go out on her own. An emotional Ms King said that her scars would be permanent.
Her father Tom King said no one wanted to see anyone going to prison but added that these things should not happen. He added that he just wanted his daughter to get on with her life.


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