Sinn Fein second most popular party in Ireland

Voters are turning their anger on the coalition – according to a new opinion poll.
The IPSOS-MRBI survey for the Irish Times, shows support for both Fine Gael and Labour is down, satisfaction with the Government, the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste all take a hit.
Meanwhile support for Sinn Féin and others is up substantially.
This poll compares to one six months ago and so takes in voter opinion on the budget, stability treaty deal, household charge and water meters.
Labour suffers most – down six points to 13 per cent.
Fine Gael loses 3 points to 33 per cent, with Fianna Fáil down 1 to 14.
Sinn Féin goes up 6 to 21 per cent, with Independents and others on 19 per cent, up 4
Almost 3 out of 4 voters is now dissatisfied with the coalition – that’s up 16 points to 73 per cent.
The Taoiseach’s personal satisfaction rating is down 10 to 42 per cent – Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore does even worse losing 14 points to 27 per cent.


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