Inquest held into tragic death of Motherwell man in Bundoran

A Glasgow Celtic fan at a supporters’ festival returned before midnight to his holiday home when he got drunk at a resort night club and died within hours after a fall downstairs, his relatives said today.
A cousin who accompanied Victor Hendry checked he was getting into bed before she returned to the Paris niteclub  in Bundoran..
A half hour later, when the cousin Mary Teresa Wright and her brother Robert, came home from the club, 22-year-old Victor was lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.
Mary Teresa Wright  told an inquest in Donegal town that Victor was asleep but he opened his eyes and was carried into a front room and put on a couch.
She slept on another couch in the same room and when she awoke at 4.30 a.m Victor appeared to “be ok.”
When she awoke again 10 minutes before eight a.m. there was no response from Victor and her brother Robert, who was staying in the Bundoran house with them, applied CPR.
Robert, who travelled with Victor from their homes in New Stevenson, Motherwell, told Coroner Dr Diarmuid Hegarty, that he kept applying CPR and feeling the pulse until an ambulance arrived.
He added: “But it was no use. He was gone.”
The inquest heard how Victor, drunk three or four pints of cider and had some vodka at the club following a shared bottle of wine between three at dinner.
The coroner read an autopsy report provided by Sligo General Hospital – it showed there was “a significant fracture”  to the back of the skull but there was no evidence of any external bruising.
The jury returned a verdict that death last September 2, in accordance with the medical evidence, was due to brain injury.