Letterkenny Council answers questions on traffic congestion, parking and litering

Letterkenny Town Council held its monthly meeting last night. Councillors have an opportunity to ask council officials specific questions on issue which the public have raised with them.
Councillor Jimmy Kavanagh asked if a residents only parking sign could be erected at Binnion Avenue, he was told that signs would be ordered and erected – he was also told that a sign will be erected giving directions to the Lawn Bowling facility at Bernard McGlinchey Park.
Councillor Tadge Culbert raised the issue of driver stopping on the yellow box at upper main street – it was acknowledged that this causes some traffic problems but that they normally resolve themselves.
The Councillor wants the gardai to ensure drivers stopping on the box are dealt with.
People who park for longer than the two hours permitted at Bernard McGlinchey Park face fines, councillor Culbert was told the traffic warden will be advised to enforce the law there.
Councillor Dessie Larkin raised the issue of the provision of basket ball court – he was advised that an upgrade of the Gartan facility would be the best option.
Following on from a question, Councillor Ciaran Brogan was told that clean up work had on the town’s main street had already started ahead of the first Tidy Town’s adjudication and that the council is working closely with the Tidy Town’s Committee to ensure a high standard is reached in time for the first adjudication.
Councillor Brogan was also informed that investigation are ongoing as to how best to reduce the speed limit on Windyhall road from 80kph to 60kph – it will however involve a by-law.


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