Fiscal Treaty – Final figures from both Donegal counts

The counting of votes in the Fiscal Stability Treaty referendum has ended in both Donegal constituencies, with both once again going against the national trend and rejecting the treaty.
In Donegal North East, just under 56% voted No, while in Donegal South West, just under 55% rejected the treaty.
In both cases, turnout was less than 43%.
In Donegal North East, turnout was 42.59% with a valid poll of 24,733 from an electrorate of 58,387.
There were 10,975 votes in favour of the treaty and 13,758 against.
That’s Yes – 44.37%, and No – 55.63%
In Donegal South West, there was a turnout of 41.92%, with a valid poll of 26,328 from a total electorate of 63,127.
There were 11,862 votes in favour of the treaty and 14,466 against.
That’s Yes – 45.05% and No – 54.95%.


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