Rival nightclub owners warned about alcohol price-war in Bundoran

A war between rival cousins selling alcohol cocktails for as little as 50 cent and serving as much as club patrons could drink for €20 yesterday produced a claim that it was in danger of placing a teenager in the morgue.
Judge Kevin Kilrane cracked down on the drinks prices battle between the cousins after hearing of parents’ fears.
Conor McEniff applied for a bank holiday late-nights extension for his Paris nightclub in Bundoran.
Ballyshannon Distict Court heard how he was selling cocktails for as little as 50 cent.
He told the court of competition from Jumpin Jacks nightclub which was giving “free drink” to its customers.
Jumpin Jacks, owned by his cousin Seanie McEniff and which is just up the street from Paris, has been advertising that for a late-night entry fee of €20 patrons could drink all they wanted.
Solicitor Cathleen Dolan went into the witness box on behalf of a number of parents with 18 and 19-year old children who were concerned about them getting drink so cheaply.
She said the parents in Ballyshannon were “outraged” at what was going on in Bundoran six kilometres away alcohol shots for 50 cent, bottles of Budweiser and Sex on the Beach cocktails were €1 and Captain Morgans, Jack Daniels and Tia Maria were only €2.
Ms Dolan wondered whether they had to wait until a teenager was lying on the slab in Sligo General Hospital because of a competition war between night clubs?
At this stage Conor McEniff told the court that in view of what Ms Dolan said he was prepared to return to normal pricing. He said he hoped “the other McEniff” would do the same.
Judge Kilrane granted Conor McEniff his late extension for Paris and warned the McEniff cousins against continuing their price war.


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