Calls for investment and concern about expansion mark Global Wind Day

The Irish Wind Energy Association says more investment is needed to harness Ireland’s potential in the sector.
It believes it would create jobs, attract investment and help Ireland’s economy get back on its feet.
The benefits of using wind energy will be highlighted during events to mark Global Wind Day today.
Caitriona Diviney, Chief Executive of the Irish Wind Energy Association, says it’s time for the Government to increase its use of renewable energy……….
However, there is a growing clamour for restrictions on the expansion of windfarms, with the inaugural meeting of a new national umbrella group in Roscommon tomorrow.
The Campaign for Responsible Engagement with Wind Energy, is seeking minimum distances between turbines and family homes. Last week, Donegal County Council rejected a proposal to place a one kilometre exclusion zone in the new County Development Plan.
Roscommon based Labour Senator John Kelly has proposed legislation in that regard which is currently going through the Seanad. He’ll be addressing tomorrow’s meeting.


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