Full list of road closures for the Donegal International Rally

The Donegal International Rally takes place this weekend. To facilitate the competition, Donegal County Council has announced a number of road closures for weekend as indicated below.

Friday 15th June

Stages 1 & 4 (Gortree) 10.50hrs – 17.25hrs
Errity, Grawky, Tullybogley, Grawkey Glebe, Sallybrook, Monclink, Ryelands, Gortree, Monfad (to junction at Monfad), Gortree, Tullyannan Glebe (to junction with L-8181-1) and Tullyannan Glebe.
The road numbers involved are
L-5424-1, L-5444-1, L-5014-1, L-5014-2, L-5424-2, L-5434, L-5434-1, L-1214-2, L-5214-1, L-1224-2, L-2071-1, L-8171-1 and L8181-1.
Alternative Route
Diversion via N13, N14 and R265.
Stages 2&5 (Cliffords) 11.20hrs – 17.50hrs
Garshooey, Castruse, Drumbarnett, Gorinleave, Toulett, Mulleny Castlecooley, Toulett to Carrowreagh.
The road numbers involved are:
L-8421-2, L-2111-3, L1991- 1&2, L-7971- 1&2, L-1971-4, L-1981-1 and L-7981-1.
Alternative Route
R237 Garshooey to Tonyhabboc, N13 Tonyhabboc to Carrownamaddy (Burt) and L-2021-1 Carrownadaddy (Burt) to Carrowreagh.
Stages 3 & 6 (Mouldy Hill) 11.50hrs – 18.30hrs
Tievebane, Crislaghmore, Monreagh or Barr of Kilmackilveenny, CrislaghkeeL, Letter, Craigtown, Ballynahone, Rooskey, Carrowmullin, Ballynahone, Annaslee, Tullydush Upper, Tullydush Lower, Bauville Keeloges and Clonglash.
The road numbers involved are:
L-1871-1/2/3, L-7261-3, L-7411-1/2, L-7391-1, L-7371-1, L-1831-1, L-7331-1, L-7331-2,L-7211-2, L-7261-1 and L-1781-2.
Alternative Route
l-1781-5 Gortnskea to Carnamoyle, L-1881-1/2/3 Carnamoyle to Burnfoot and R238 Burnfoot to Buncrana.

Saturday 16th June

Stages 9 & 11 (Grovehall) 8.45hrs – 14.45hrs
Magheradrumman, Tullybeg, Tullymore, Drumman, Ballyare Glebe, Aughawoney, Drumaboden, Grovehall Ray, Mullagheep, Gortnavern and Ballykeeran.
The road numbers involved are:
LP1362-2, LP1362-1, LT13523, LP1352-3, LP1352-4, R249-4, R249-3, LS6232-1, LP1412-2, LS5892-1, LS5882/1 and LS5872-1.
Alternative Route
R245 Milford, R246 Kilmacrennan and N56 Letterkenny.
Stages 10 & 12 (Gartan) 9.20hrs – 15.20hrs
Ballybunninabber, Lossett, Whitehall, Carrownatrasna, Churchtown, Lacknacoe, Roshine, Glebe, Tirargus, Kilmore, Boheolan, Cloncarney, Tirkillen, Doon, Drumbrick, Clonkillymore and Procklis.
The road numbers involved are:
R251/8, R251/7, LP1462/1, LP1462/2, R251/6, LP1512/1, LP1512/2, LS6292/1, LS6282/1 and LP1442/1.
Alternative Route
R255 Glenveagh Termon, N56 Termon Kilmacrenna and LP1532 Kilmacrennan Churchill
Stages 13 & 15 (Fanad Head) 13.10hrs – 19.20hrs
Falleneas, Cashel Glebe, Tonbane Glebe, Rinboy, Ballyhiernan, Rinmore, Cooladerry, Shanaghdoo, Magheradrumman, Ballincrick & Ballynabrocky, Ballynalost, Ballymichael, Baloor, Ballynalost, Doaghbeg, Drumnacraig, Carryblagh and Croaghross-Lurganboy.
The road numbers involved are:
L50621-1, L50622-1, L50623, L1072-1, R247, LP1112/1, LS5022/1, LS5012/1, L1072-5, L1072-6, L1072-7, L5042-1, L50322-2, L10724 and L1072-9.
Alternative Route
R247 Kindrum to Balymagowan, R246 Portsalon to Kerrykeel
Stages 14 & 16 (Knockalla) 13.45hrs – 20.00hrs
Greenfort Demense, Kilavee, Drumary, Carran Lower and Upper, Magherawarden, Bunnaton, Tirevlin, Lurganbrack, Tirlaydan, Carrowreagh, Carngarrow, Anny Far and Near, Creeveoughter, Inishkill, Killycolman, Drumhallagh Upper and Lower, Saltpans, Clondallon Near, Newtowncarradoan, Lugher, Keranstown, Gortflugh Far, Glencross, Legland, Drumhallagh Upper, Meentaghconlon, Gortcally and Gortnatraw South.
The road numbers involved are:
R268, LP1172/4, LT11823, LT11723/2, L11724, L11824/1, L11824/2, L54624, L5462-2, L11826, R247/10, L54426, L11829, L5462/1, L5432/1, L5432/2, L5462/1, R247/11, R247/12, R247/13,
Alternative Route
R246 Portsalon – Kerrykeel-Milford, R245 Ramelton and R247 Rathmullen


Stages 17 & 20 (An Gleann) 9.50hrs – 17.00hrs
Woodquarter, Coole Upper, Carmoney, Cool Lower, Island Roy Barr or Drumfin, Glenkeo, Glengillagrana High, Glenmenagh, Glenineeny, Glenieragh and Derriscligh.
The road numbers involved are:
LP1212/7, L12123, L1212-7, L-1212-6, L1212-5, L1212-4, L1192-3, L1212-3, L-1212-2 and L1212-1.
Alternative Route
N56 Kilmacrennan- Creeslough, R245 Creeslough – Carrigart- Milford.
Stages 18 & 22 (Locah an Phoirt) 10.25hrs – 17.30hrs
Creeslough/Rooskey, Kilmacloo, Creenasmear, Gortnaleck, Kilmackiloo, Faymore, Derryherriff Glebe, Carrownamaddy, Kildarragh, Roisin and Swillybrin.
The road numbers involved are:
L5232-1, L1262-3, L5192-2, L5182-1, L5192-1, L1282-5, L1282-4, L1282-3, L12823, L51431, L5153-1, L3283-1, L1402-1, L1282-2 and L1282-1.
Alternative Route
Diversions will be signposted locally
Stages 19 & 22 (Atlantic Drive) 11.25hrs – 18.30hrs
Rosepenna, Kinnalargy, Meevagh, Clontallagh, Dundoan Upper, Glebe, Glenoory, Doagh, Ardbane, Derrycassan, Downies, Crocknamurleog, Derrycassan, Larganreagh and Magherabeg.
Alternative Route
No alternative route available
Service Area at Milford Mart
Saturday 17th – 8.30hrs – 20.00hrs
Sunday 18th 9.30hrs – 16.00hrs
Glenkeen and Legmuckduff
Road numbers involved are:
LS 5582-2 and LS1372-1
Road Junctions
Each public road connecting to the roads listed for closure above for a distance of 300 metres from their junctions with the specified roads.


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