Singer Dolores Keane banned from driving for four years

Singer Dolores Keane has been banned from driving for four years and fined her €300 for drunk-driving.
The 58-year-old is now on her third driving ban.
She had admitted at Glenties District Court being nearly twice over the alcohol limit when driving outside the courthouse on March 26, 2011.
The court was told that it was Dolores Keanes second drunk-driving incident within a few months because she was already banned for three years for an offence near her home outside Tuam in November 2010.
The four-year ban, which starts today, will run concurrently with the three-year disqualification.
Judge Kelly was also told that Keane, who spent three months this year at an alcoholic counselling and treatment centre, was first banned from driving for two years in June 2000.
Defence solicitor Eric Gleeson said Ms Keane drank all her life which affected her health and well-being and more recently began to drink heavily.
Earlier this year she went on a 12-week intoxication course and she was now off alcohol and medication and “a lot more healthy” than when he first took instructions from her last year.
She was getting her career back on track and there was an upcoming tour.
Judge Kelly told Ms Keane she was seriously in peril if she found herself before the court for a similar offence in future.


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