Cant Pay Wont Pay to protest at Donegal County Council meeting on Monday

The ‘Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’ campaign group are taking their protest to Lifford on Monday where the County Councillors will gather for their last monthly meeting before the summer break.
The group are asking to public to join their demonstration which takes place at 12 noon.
Can’t Pay Won’t Pay have said that the proposal to cut 1 million euro from the budget of Donegal County Council amounts to an almost feudal punishment for the people of the county for their strong resistance to the Household Tax.
The campaign has called on people to join them in a demonstration at 12.00pm on Monday, July 30th, outside the Donegal County Council offices in Lifford.
The protest follows another protest which was held last week in Glenties when around 150 people gathered to protest against Household, Septic Tank and Water Charges on the same day Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan visited the town to speak at the Mac Gill Summer School.
A spokesperson for the group has accused Donegal County Council are not being honest with their stated figures.
Claiming they are continuing to misrepresent the fact that nearly two thirds of Donegal homeowners have not paid the Household Tax.
They are are calling for honesty from council officials and are calling on elected councillors to stand with the people by rejecting any cut in the budget.


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