No connection to the O’Donnells in Owey Island truck incident

A salvage operation is being planned after a truck carrying building materials went into the sea off Owey Island pier yesterday afternoon.
It had been previously reported that the building materials were for a home owned by Daniel and Majella O’Donnell – but Dan Gallagher, who is renovating a property on the island, says the lost products belong to him.
The incident happened at around 3.30 yesterday afternoon when a ferry brought the truck from Burtonport to Owey.
The materials were for a house being renovated by Dan Gallagher.
Eyewitnesses said the truck was off the ferry on the slipway, and the driver was about to lift off its load using a crane attached to the lorry when the truck started to slip back.
The ferry operator moved his vessel towards the slipway in a bid to prevent any more slippage, but the truck lifted the front of the ferry and slipped into the water.
The Marine Casualty Investigations Board has been notified and will carry out an inquiry.
It is hoped that the lorry can be recovered in the coming days.


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