Exclusive:Consultants fear collapse of Letterkenny General frontline services

Highland Radio has seen internal HSE correspondents which suggests a proposed reduction in the number of locum consultants will ‘collapse frontline services’ at Letterkenny General Hospital.
The contents of the document, which was provided to ‘The Shaun Doherty Show’ has been independently confirmed by senior staff at the hospital.
It suggests there are proposals to reduce the number of consultants by 14%, a 20% reduction in consultants with admitting rights.
It is claimed the move will lead to the inevitable closure of the 24/7 Emergency Department and the ability to provide trauma cover 24/7.
The cuts could lead to the possible closure of the Obstetric Unit, cancellation of outpatients clinics, investigations like endoscopies, elective surgery and many other medical activities.
It is claimed that the Acute Medical Assessment Unit will not function on its purpose to avoid admissions and the collapse of the participation in different national clinical programmes. These include Acute medicine, COPD, colorectal, breast care, cardiac, stroke and others.
It is also claimed that would lead to the strong likelihood of resignations within the remaining consultant cohort and make it difficult to recruit consultants in the future.
The documentation claims that patient care and safety will be dangerously compromised – with a senior  member of the Hospital staff said to state in the documentation that patients will die as a result.
It is further claimed that consultants group unequivocally reject the proposed cuts.


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